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No Injuries Reported in Yale University Explosion - 2003-05-22

A blast, apparently caused by a bomb of some kind, went off at Yale University Law School in New Haven, Connecticut, late Wednesday. The explosion, coming just as the United States heightened its alert for a possible terrorist attack, caused no injuries.

Witnesses say the explosion took place in an empty classroom at Yale Law School. It blew away the classroom door and collapsed the wall to an adjacent room.

Officials say it is unclear what caused the blast, but add they believe it was a bomb.

There were no injuries and there were few students in the area because class is not in session.

FBI agents joined local law enforcement officials in investigating the explosion. The incident is receiving national attention at a time when many Americans are jittery because of fears of a possible terrorist attack.

On Tuesday, the national terror alert status was raised to "high," and President Bush, a Yale graduate himself, had visited the state of Connecticut just hours before the explosion to speak at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. Officials say they do not believe visitors to the area were targets of an attack.