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Rock Star Bob Geldof Criticizes Western Food Aid to Ethiopia - 2003-05-26

Irish rock star Bob Geldof is criticizing what he calls Western countries' "pathetic" food donations to hunger-stricken Ethiopia.

Mr. Geldof told reporters on Monday that Ethiopia faces a humanitarian catastrophe this summer because it has received only one-third of the supplies needed to help stave off famine. He spoke before leaving London on a visit to famine-threatened areas of Ethiopia.

Humanitarian organizations say Ethiopia, plagued by dry weather, needs more than $500 million in relief supplies to help avert a famine at least as serious as that of 1984. That disaster killed one million Ethiopians.

The 1984 famine prompted Mr. Geldof to produce a pop music record and organize a giant fundraising concert for Ethiopian hunger relief.

On Sunday, Ethiopian music stars held a similar fundraising concert in the capital, Addis Ababa. The organizers have said they hope to raise $1 million.