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Rosanne Cash Returns with <i>Rules of Travel</i> - 2003-05-28

Singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash, the daughter of Country legend Johnny Cash, is making a comeback with her first album in nearly a decade. She began working on the album in 1998, then developed a polyp on her vocal chords that left her silent for more than two years.

Rules of Travel is the title track from the long-awaited new album by Rosanne Cash. While she was carrying her fourth child, Rosanne began to lose her voice. Doctors diagnosed a polyp that had grown due to hormonal changes from the pregnancy. According to her doctors, the prognosis for a full recovery would require surgery. But, the polyp began to disappear one year after her child was born.

Therapists worked to help retrain her singing voice, and Rosanne now says, "It was such a revelation losing my voice, and getting it back. I feel a lot of passion about singing, and a lot less fear."

Rosanne wrote eight of the 11 songs on her new album. Among its highlights is a duet with her father called September When It Comes.

September When It Comes marks the very first recording Rosanne has made with her father. She hesitated to ask Johnny to sing with her because of his serious health problems. The song deals with facing the mortality of a parent, something Rosanne's been forced to experience during the past few years. In a recent interview, Rosanne said, "It's deeply unsettling when you come to that point in your life when your parents suddenly become frail and ill."

Rosanne's husband, who produced the entire album, convinced her to take the tape to Johnny. He agreed to record it with Rosanne in his Nashville home studio. Many critics feel the duet is one of the best tracks on the collection. Other guests on Rules of Travel include Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle and Teddy Thompson.

Rosanne's family is now dealing with the recent death of her stepmother June Carter Cash. But, plans are still underway for a summer concert tour in support of her new CD.