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SARS Epidemic Appears to be Subsiding - 2003-06-05

A World Health Organization official says the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak is "over its peak" in China and elsewhere around the world. Brian Purchia has more.

W.H.O. China representative Henk Bekedam told reporters in Beijing the SARS epidemic appears to be subsiding. But he warned the world must remain vigilant against the disease.

Wednesday, the U.N. said the disease was clearly in decline after a peak in March.

China reported two new SARS deaths and no new cases Thursday, increasing the country's death toll to 336. The number of daily new cases has been below 10 for the past several days.

Hong Kong reported one new SARS death and no new cases, bringing the territory's death toll to 284. Taiwan reported no new SARS deaths and one new infection.

To date, there have been more than 8,400 probable SARS cases in 29 countries.