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Student Protests Show Political Change Possible in Iran, Says US Senator


A U.S. senator says protests by students at Teheran University are a sign that political change is possible in Iran. Senator Sam Brownback, a Republican from Kansas, is a proponent of sharpening U.S. policy toward Iran in support of democracy.

Late Tuesday, he took to the floor of the Senate to cite initial reports about the protests in Teheran. He said they demonstrate that the Bush administration needs to pay close attention to forces in Iran pressing for democratic change:

"We should have official clear policy that our position towards Iran is to support those who support democracy, and we support democracy in Iran and we stand for that with the Iranian people," said Mr. Brownback.

Mr. Brownback called on the Iranian government to "stop beating and harassing its own people."

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been examining U.S. policy toward Iran amid mounting concern about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons development efforts.

But so far, the administration has declined to redefine its official position to specifically favor regime change, saying it's up to the Iranian people to determine the country's future.