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Bush Welcomes US Collegiate Championship Teams at White House - 2003-06-18


Four U.S. collegiate championship teams from the winter season visited the White House on Tuesday for a so-called "Champions Day."

It is a tradition for the President to honor the accomplishments of sports champions, both professional and amateur. Last month it was the World Series baseball champion Anaheim Angels who visited the White House. This time it was four college teams.

They included two women's teams that were making return appearances. The University of Connecticut won its second-straight women's basketball championship, while the Minnesota-Duluth women's ice hockey team won its third-consecutive collegiate title in only its fifth year of existence.

President Bush said winning teams have set a great example for everyone.

"Championship teams don't win because of a star," the president said. "Championship teams win because people are willing to work together for a greater good. Championship teams win because people are willing to work hard and sacrifice for something important. These are values that are really important not only important in sport, but in life as well."

Mr. Bush also honored the University of Minnesota men's ice hockey team and the NCAA men's basketball champions from Syracuse University. The Orangemen won their first national title by defeating the University of Kansas Jayhawks in April.