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Second Purported Saddam Tape Surfaces on Lebanese TV - 2003-07-08

For the second time in a week, an audio tape allegedly of Saddam Hussein urging Iraqis to drive American troops out of their country, is being broadcast on Arab television.

A Lebanese television station broadcast what is described as another message from the ousted Iraqi leader. This one calls on Iraqis to "expel the invaders from our country." A translation of the Arabic has the man identified as Saddam urging his countrymen to perform daily acts against the occupation and saying that "victory' is coming."

U.S. intelligence officials say they will review this latest tape to try to determine its authenticity. But when it was made is unclear. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports the message is very similar to another tape the paper received from unidentified Iraqis in Baghdad in May, that as well purporting to be the voice of Saddam Hussein. U.S. intelligence officials say an audio tape that was broadcast on Friday is probably authentic, which may be an indication Saddam may have survived the war.

Both tapes have surfaced at a time when Iraqis are showing increasing resistance to military occupation and when nearly every day brings a new report of another American casualty.