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Beyonce's First Solo CD <i>Dangerously In Love</i> is Chart Topper - 2003-07-10

While R&B trio Destiny's Child has been on hiatus, group member Beyoncé Knowles is forging ahead with her solo career. She co-starred in the latest "Austin Powers" film, was the subject of a television special and has been making solo concert appearances. Beyoncé's first solo CD, Dangerously In Love, just debuted in the Number One spot on Billboard magazine's Albums chart, and her new single Crazy In Love has reached Number One on the Hot 100.

Beyoncé Knowles is the last member of Destiny's Child to release a solo album. Kelly Rowland had a hit this past year with her Simply Deep CD, and Michelle Williams earned spots on both the pop and gospel charts with her collection, Hearts To Yours.

Beyoncé feels her new album allows her to do some things musically that might not work with Destiny's Child. "Whenever you work with more than one person, it has to complement the group as a whole," she commented. "So, there are certain things that I like that are in my mind that I now can do … I can take to the next level." On her new album Dangerously In Love, Beyoncé wanted the songs range from hip-hop and R&B to rock, with one tune that even has an Eastern flavor. "That's the great thing about my album," said Beyoncé. "Each song is so different. And each artist brings something different from the other." Lending a hand on Dangerously In Love is Beyoncé's boyfriend Jay-Z, along with Luther Vandross, Big Boi of Outcast, Missy Elliott and Jamaican dancehall star Sean Paul.

Beyoncé recently previewed songs from her new album during the television special, "Beyoncé Knowles, Friends And Family," which was staged before a crowd of 60,000 at the Ford Motor Company 100th anniversary celebration in Detroit. Dangerously In Love was originally due in July, but the release date was moved to June in an effort to stop the songs from being pirated via the Internet.

Fans shouldn't worry that Beyoncé might be abandoning Destiny's Child for a solo career. "I love Destiny's Child, She affirmed. "That's my heart, and that's where it starts. I started singing with them when I was seven- years-old, and I depend on them so much. It was so difficult recording my album without them there. I need them, I love them, and I can't wait for us to do the next Destiny's Child record. I'm just happy we're able to do both."

Destiny's Child has reunited to record a new song for the soundtrack to Beyoncé's upcoming film, The Fighting Temptations, and plan to release a new album together next year. In the meantime, Beyoncé hopes to tour later this year in support of her new album.