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North Korea Tells UN: US Committing Hostile Acts - 2003-07-14

North Korea has complained to the United Nations Security Council that the United States is committing hostile acts against Pyongyang and advised the world body not to get involved in the dispute over its nuclear program.

This month's president of the Security Council, Spanish Ambassador Inocencio Arias, briefed council members on a closed-door meeting with North Korea's U.N. Ambassador Pak Gil Yon.

Mr. Arias said during the discussion, held earlier this month, Mr. Pak told him that so-called "unfriendly acts" by the United States should stop. He said that the United States is committing unfriendly, hostile acts against North Korea and he mentioned President Bush putting North Korea on the list of the axis of evil, the redeployment of two American divisions between the border between North Korea and South Korea and finally increasing the military help to South Korea.

The complaint comes just weeks after the Security Council's permanent members failed to reach an agreement on a U.S. draft statement condemning North Korea's revival of its nuclear weapons program. The United States has pressed for a statement since April.

Pyongyang has warned that it views punitive action by the Security Council as a declaration of war.

Mr. Arias said the North Korean ambassador repeated Pyongyang's call for direct talks with Washington. The Bush administration is insisting on multilateral discussions involving the countries in the region.

The Spanish ambassador said Mr. Pak advised against Security Council involvement in the conflict. "According to him, the situation is deteriorating and there should be no pressure by the Security Council about making any statement or declaration," he said.

Mr. Arias said, for the time being, the council is not planning to take steps against North Korea.