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14 Die in Kenya Plane Crash - 2003-07-20

A charter plane has crashed in Kenya, killing all 14 passengers and crewmembers. Police spokesman David Kimaiyo confirmed Sunday that 12 American tourists and two crew members died in the crash. He said search teams were working on the high mountainside 112 kilometers north of Nairobi to retrieve the bodies.

"The initial report is that this plane crashed last night at about six at Mount Kenya," said Mr. Kimaiyo. "We have confirmed 14 people on board. I think they were tourists going to Samburu area."

Mr. Kimaiyo said the plane, which had flown to Kenya from South Africa, had stopped at Nairobi's Wilson Airport and was flying to the popular tourist game park when it plowed into the tip of the high mountain.

He said rescue efforts are continuing, but were hampered by the difficult climb to the mountain, which is more than 5,000 meters high.

The police spokesman says the cause of the crash is not yet known, but he says poor visibility may have been a factor.