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US Soldier, Interpreter Killed in Baghdad Suburb - 2003-07-21

A U.S. soldier and his interpreter are dead following the latest attack against American forces in Iraq.

The soldier and an Iraqi translator working with him were killed during a guerrilla-style attack while they were driving through the northern Baghdad suburb of Sulaykh.

A coalition spokesman says the soldier was serving with the First Armored Division, and that the attackers detonated an improvised explosive device, followed by small-arms fire.

The assault follows a string of other attacks using almost identical tactics, which have killed four U.S. soldiers since Friday. Iraq's top civilian administrator, Paul Bremmer, said Sunday that the attacks are the work of small units of Saddam Hussein loyalists.

The ambushes coincide with the anniversary of the 1968 Baath Party revolution in Iraq. Saddam took control of the party and the country in 1979.