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Congressional Panel Holds First Public Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence Reports - 2003-07-23

A U.S. congressional panel holds the first public hearing into the controversy over pre-Iraq war intelligence used by the Bush administration to support the case for military action in Iraq. Much of the intelligence examined by lawmakers in the House, as is the case in the Senate, has been highly classified.

But now, the House committee is going public, focusing on whether the Bush administration had sufficient, high quality, intelligence about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction efforts.

Among the witnesses will be former heads of the CIA.

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, meanwhile, has formally asked the White House to allow a national security aide to testify.

Stephen Hadley, a deputy national security advisor, acknowledged mishandling CIA warnings about intelligence concerning alleged Iraqi attempts to buy uranium in Africa.

Mr. Hadley's revelation comes after an earlier statement by CIA Director George Tenet accepting responsibility for having allowed that information to get into the president's State of the Union Address.