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Saddam's Former Bodyguards Arrested

Coalition forces have detained more than a dozen people south of Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. Most of those in custody are believed to be the former Iraqi dictator's bodyguards.

The Coalition Press Information Center in Baghdad has reported that 13 people were arrested early Friday in the village of Oujwa, south of Tikrit.

Officials say five to 10 of those detained are thought to be part of Saddam Hussein's personal security detachment. But they say investigations are continuing.

Coalition spokesman Specialist Brian Sharkey says the 4th Infantry Division and Task Force 20 carried out a joint sweep surrounding the entire village. He reports that there were no deaths and no injuries of either U.S. military or Iraqi civilians during the operation.

The Coalition reports that Iraqis are coming forward in greater numbers to provide information on the possible whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. The increase in intelligence follows the deaths of Saddam's sons Tuesday in a fierce firefight with troops from the 101st Airborne Division in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul.