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Renegade Philippine Soldiers in Manila Standoff - 2003-07-27


Philippine President Gloria Arroyo is grappling with a military rebellion in the heart of Manila after a small group of soldiers took over a commercial complex and wired it with explosives.

President Arroyo is giving a bit more time to allow several hundred renegade soldiers to end their standoff at a Manila commercial complex.

The challenge began early Sunday when the group entered the facility and wired the surrounding area with explosives. Civilians, including the Australian ambassador, were released unharmed.

A spokesman for the soldiers, Antonio Trillanes, told CNN that his group wants the president to resign because her government is corrupt.

"I am risking everything - my life," said Mr. Trillanes. "It is clear among the members of the group that it is a moral victory and the fact that we have expressed it to the whole world, the anomalies and irregularities of this government."

Some of the soldiers surrendered after the president declared a state of rebellion, assumed emergency powers and threatened force if the situation is not resolved.