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New Purported Saddam Tape Calls on Supporters to Continue Attacks on Coalition Forces - 2003-08-01


An Arabic television channel has played another audiotape it claims carries the voice of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

The latest recorded message calls on Saddam's supporters in Iraq to continue their attacks on coalition forces.

The al-Jazeera Arabic news channel broadcast the tape on Friday, claiming it had been recorded by Saddam last Sunday. The voice on the tape calls on Saddam's supporters to demonstrate their patience and commitment, and urges Iraqis to reclaim the property of the former Iraqi government and the Baath party.

The new recording is just the latest in a series that have been broadcast since the fall of Baghdad in early April. The recordings have kept pace with current events. There is no way to confirm they are actually the voice of Saddam Hussein, but experts say they believe the tapes are authentic.