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Zimbabwe Talks In Confidence-Building Phase - 2003-08-01

A leading southern African political think tank says informal talks are underway to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis. The Institute for Democracy in South Africa says the talks are part of what conflict resolution specialists would describe as the confidence-building phase before formal talks.

English to Africa reporter Francois Nsengiyumva interviewed Professor Richard Calland, senior political analyst at the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA. Professor Calland is also one of the leading figures in one of IDASA’s special projects, building solidarity for the effort to deal with the Zimbabwe crisis.

He says one of the things the confidence-building phase needs to accomplish is to reassure the pro-democracy forces that their leaders will no longer be subject to unlawful arrest. The political analyst says the talks that will eventually be held are likely to create a framework for a transition to pave the way to free and fair elections and possibly amend the constitution.

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