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Uneasy Lull in Liberia, says Reporter on Scene - 2003-08-03

Although some fighting continues, there is an uneasy lull in Liberia, as preparations continue for the arrival of peacekeeping troops Monday and the announced stepping down of Charles Taylor as president later this month. Reporter Nicole Itano is in the embattled capital, Monrovia, and provided an update for Al Webb in VOA's London News Center.

"Right now, people are just waiting. There have been so many broken promises. They've been told so many times that peacekeepers would be coming. They're a bit hesitant to be that optimistic. And yet, on the other hand, the other day when the ECOWAS delegation was here, there were about 1,000 people who waited outside the hotel, waiting to greet them, to tell them that Liberians wanted them to come, that Liberians welcomed them and that Liberians hoped that they would bring peace here."