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Team Raises 1st Section of Ship with Luxury Autos That Sank in English Channel - 2003-08-04


Salvage teams have raised the first section of a massive sunken cargo ship full of luxury cars from busy shipping lanes in the English Channel.

Two floating cranes lifted the ship's 3,000-ton stern from the water. Only minor oil-leaks were reported during the 12-hour operation.

Over the past two weeks, workers in the $40-million salvage effort have been cutting the shipwreck into nine pieces.

The Norwegian-owned cargo ship, the Tricolor, was carrying 3,000 luxury cars when it collided with another vessel in December and sank.

The hulk has created a major hazard in the busy shipping lanes. Three other vessels, including a full oil tanker, have collided with the barely-submerged wreckage.

Salvage crews are bringing the ship and its ruined cargo to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to be used as scrap.