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Bush Promises to Help Being Peace, Stability to Liberia - 2003-08-11


President Bush is promising to help bring peace and stability to Liberia, now that Charles Taylor has given up power and left the country. Mr. Bush is putting the focus on the future.

President Bush makes clear he believes a new day has dawned in Liberia. He said the departure of Charles Taylor is an important step toward a better future for the people of this war-torn African nation. "The United States will work with the Liberian people and with the international community to achieve a lasting peace after more than a decade of turmoil and suffering," he said.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Denver, Colorado, Mr. Bush praised the efforts of African leaders who championed the cause of peace in Liberia, including the presidents of Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Mozambique.

He said their leadership will be needed in the weeks and months ahead as a new government is formed. Mr. Bush also said the United States will help get aid to those in need, but he gave no indication a major deployment of U.S. peacekeepers might be in the offing.