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Israeli Troops Destroy Home of Suicide Bomber - 2003-08-13

Israeli forces moved into the Askar refugee camp, in Nablus, Tuesday night, and demolished the family home of Hisham Jarwan, 17.

Seven people were arrested during the demolition, which Israeli military officials describe as a policy they will continue to pursue in response to terror attacks.

The Rosh Ha'Ayin bombing and another near the Jewish settlement, Ariel, on the West Bank, Tuesday, left two Israelis dead and more than a dozen others injured. It also raised questions about the durability of the internationally backed peace plan, known as the "road map."

Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon calls the attacks further proof that the Palestinians are doing nearly nothing to fight the terror infrastructure. The Israeli leader spoke following a meeting with visiting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Burns.

Meanwhile, Washington is urging Mr. Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to declare that, despite the violence, they will not stop working toward peace.

Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday that the road map is still on track despite the attacks. He says peace will never be achieved as long as people continue to take part in terrorist activities. But he says such attacks cannot be allowed to derail the process. He says it will continue to move forward.

The United States and Israel say terror networks must be dismantled. Palestinian leaders say it would be politically impossible for them to aggressively go after such militant groups as Hamas and Islamic Jihad because of the support they enjoy among Palestinians.