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Power to New York City 100 Percent Restored - 2003-08-16


Utility officials say all of New York's power was restored late Friday. The governments of the United States and Canada have formed a joint task force to investigate the cause of the power blackout that affected on millions of people in both countries since Thursday afternoon.

Homes and businesses in New York City's five boroughs had power by Friday evening. But subway service has still not been restored.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised city resident for their resolve during the crisis.

"I think all New Yorkers have really done their part," he said. "The president of the United States called me yesterday and called me again this afternoon to say he'd been following what we are doing. He wanted to congratulate all New Yorkers on how well they have exercised courtesy and common sense and worked together. I think if you compare what happened this time to what happened in 1977 when you saw chaos and crime. Today we've seen calm and compassion."

All New York's 23 Broadway shows are open for business. The New York Mets Friday night baseball game at Shea Stadium is scheduled to go ahead.

Officials say finding out how the power outage happened, and how to prevent a future outage, is a job that is only just beginning.