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Mexico's Fox Cites Progress of his 'Clean Hands' Government - 2003-09-02

Mexico's president has taken to his nation's television airwaves to assess his administration.

President Vincente Fox described his administration as a government with "clean hands." He said Mexico is no longer under authoritarian government and that no privileges are handed out to political supporters. He claimed the fight against corruption is being conducted with increased public will and better laws, plus more effective control in the fight against graft. He also said Mexico's fight against crime is being "professionalized."

The president described the relationship with the United States as "strengthened." He said the important bilateral issues remain immigration, human rights, security and the fight against terrorism. He reiterated the need for a temporary visa program for millions of migrant workers. Inflation is at its lowest rate for 34 years, yet unemployment and poverty remain.

Pledging not to privatize electricity or the state petroleum company known PEMEX, Mr. Fox said international investment is needed. He said a divided society is a weak society and he appealed for cross-party political cooperation.