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Hollywood Stars Lopez, Affleck Said to Have Split - 2003-09-14

Hollywood glamour couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are said to have ended their romance, at least for now.

The famous twosome were supposed to have exchanged wedding vows Sunday. But sources say that on their wedding day, Mr. Affleck was spotted sunning himself by the pool in Las Vegas, while his bride-to-be was on the beach in Miami.

The pair said last week in a joint statement that they had originally postponed their nuptials at an estate outside of Los Angeles because of unwanted publicity. But People magazine has reported that Mr. Affleck had called off the relationship, leaving Ms. Lopez in tears.

The two stars met this summer while filming Gigli, one of the biggest flops of the summer movie season. The wedding would have been 31-year-old Mr. Affleck's first and the third for Ms. Lopez, who is 33.