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Poll: Most Americans Oppose Iraq Funding Request - 2003-09-14

A new opinion poll indicates that the majority of Americans oppose President George Bush's request for an additional $87 billion to fund military and reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Six in 10 people surveyed in the Washington Post-ABC News poll said they do not support the request.

Responding to criticism that the $87 billion amount is too high, Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday that the cost of failure in Iraq would be far higher. Speaking on NBC television's Meet the Press, Mr. Cheney said the money was "all that we think we'll need for the foreseeable future, for this year."

The results of the Washington Post-ABC News poll were published one week after the president made his request for additional funding in a nationally-televised speech.

Mr. Bush's overall job approval rating remains stable and relatively strong according to the poll. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said they approve of the job he's doing as president, with 40 percent saying they disapprove.