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'Door to Door' is Surprise Winner at TV's Emmy Awards

An inspirational film about a disabled salesman was among the winners at the 55th annual Emmy Awards, Sunday. The film Door to Door, based on the true story of a disabled-but-determined salesman named Bill Porter, won four Emmys, including one for best made-for-television movie. Star William H. Macy earned an Emmy for his acting and another for co-writing the script. Door to Door was also honored for its directing.

Executive Producer David A. Rosemont says the movie is about overcoming obstacles. "Bill Porter's cerebral palsy and his mother's Alzheimer's never got in the way of pursuing his dream to become a salesman," he says. "Bill Porter taught a lot of people that quitting is not an option."

The series "Everybody Loves Raymond" was named best comedy and also earned acting awards for supporting actors Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett.

James Gandolfini and Edie Falco were named best dramatic actor and actress for their roles in another long-running show, the gangster saga The Sopranos. But once again, The Sopranos failed to take the award for best dramatic series. For the fourth consecutive year, it went to The West Wing, a series about a fictional White House.

As always, there were surprises. Debra Messing plays a woman whose best friend is a gay man on the comedy Will and Grace. With four successive nominations, she finally won an Emmy. "Oh My God. I never thought this was going to happen."

Jerry Bruckheimer -- a producer best known for frenetic action movies -- was honored for his reality TV show The Amazing Race, which features teams of around-the-world racers.

Instead of a single host this year, the Emmy show featured 11 comedians, who hosted successive segments. There were plenty of joking references to the California governor's race with its 135 candidate, and to a televised kiss between singers Britney Spears and Madonna, seen on last month's MTV Music Awards.

There were serious moments as well, including a tribute to John Ritter. The popular comedian died suddenly of a heart ailment, earlier this month, at the age of 54.

The award show also recalled the contributions of comedian Bob Hope, who died in July, at age 100. Hope was remembered for his work entertaining the troops - often during the Christmas holidays and sometimes near battlefronts. Comic Bill Cosby received a humanitarian award named after the legendary comedian.