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Indonesian Police Hunt for Terrorists Suspected of Having Bombs

Indonesian police are hunting for terrorists whom they believe have at least two bombs. A senior policeman said Wednesday that the terrorists originally had three bombs, but used one in a car bomb detonated outside Jakarta's JW Marriott hotel last month, killing 12 people.

Police say they are searching for the militants, and are concerned about when and where the terrorists might strike with the other two devices.

Indonesian authorities have arrested dozens of suspected Islamic terrorists since last October, when terrorists bombed Western tourists spots on the island of Bali and killed 202 people. Indonesia's Police Chief Da'ai Bachtiar says he believes the Bali bomb maker is still at large and is planning further attacks.

Most of the Bali bombers have been caught, but police and analysts warn that Jemaah Islamiyah, or JI, the organization behind the attacks, is capable of carrying out new bombings.

Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri, speaking at the United Nations, says the West should shoulder some of the blame for Islamic terrorism. She suggests the West's "unjust" behavior in the Middle East is fanning the flames of Islamic militancy worldwide.

The United States, Britain, Australia and a number of other countries warn against traveling to Indonesia, saying the threat of terror attacks is still present.

Despite the warnings, few expatriates have left the country.

Tourist arrivals had started to pick up, but the new warning from the Indonesian police could put a dent in the country's tourist industry, which was devastated by the Bali bombing.