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US Begins Sharing Revised UN Resolution on Iraq - 2003-10-01

The United States has begun sharing with other U.N. Security Council members a revised draft resolution on arrangements for post-war Iraq. The U.S. draft has been amended to address concerns of France and other countries pressing for a speedy return of governing powers to Iraqis.

U.S. officials say the new draft does not lay out a timetable for the drafting of a constitution and elections for a new government, saying that must left to the Iraqis in consultation with the U.S.-led provisional authority and the United Nations.

But State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said it does respond to the desire by other council members for a "sense of movement and momentum" in the political process, and does make clear what the end result will be. "This whole process is going to be fulfilled and then terminated through a transfer of authority and power to an increasingly responsible Iraqi government," he said.

The Bush administration hopes the resolution will draw more countries into peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, and can be adopted by the Security Council before an Iraq donors conference opens in Madrid October 23.