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Iran Giving Inspectors Details on Nuclear Equipment - 2003-10-06

Iran says it is giving international inspectors lists of equipment it bought outside the country for its uranium enrichment program.

A top official in Tehran said the government agreed to turn over the lists as part of an effort to comply with international demands for more information on the Iranian nuclear program.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency discovered traces of highly enriched uranium earlier this year at two locations in Iran. The highly enriched material can be used for nuclear weapons.

Iran said the material must have been on equipment when it was brought into the country for a nuclear program that the Tehran government insists is only designed to produce electricity.

Iran has never officially said where it bought the equipment for centrifuges to enrich uranium, but it has been reported the gear originated in Pakistan and was sold on the black market.

A delegation from the IAEA traveled to Iran last week to seek more information about the nuclear program. Last month, the IAEA board gave Iran until the end of October to show that it is not developing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian power program.