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AIDS Walk Africa / Day Four - 2003-10-10

In South Africa, those taking part in “AIDS Walk Africa” traveled deeper into the rural parts of KwaZulu-Natal Province today. The walk is sponsored by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, which hopes to raise about 250-thousand dollars for its programs.

Each day of the walk, English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua has talked to one of the participants, Kimberly Locke, about her experiences. Kimberly gained fame for her performance on the popular TV program, American Idol. Friday, she spoke with Joe about day four of the event.

She says the highlight of the day was meeting and talking with children who greeted them along the way. The children asked many questions about the AIDS walk, but also wanted to know whether Kimberly could tell them about some American music artists they’ve heard on the radio.

Kimberly and others used their digital cameras to take pictures of the children. She says they were amazed because many had never really seen what they looked like. On a more serious note, Kimberly says government and health officials are concerned that HIV/AIDS is threatening the future of their country, namely the children. It’s why they hope to raise awareness about the disease through the AIDS walk and other programs.

Kimberly will resume her reports on Monday, October 13th.