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US Soldier Killed in Iraq

One U.S. soldier has been killed and five wounded in an ambush west of Baghdad.

The attack occurred after midday near the main bridge leading into Fallujah, about 60 kilometers west of Baghdad.

About 30 soldiers with the 82nd Airborne Division were on foot patrol accompanied by military vehicles, when the patrol was first attacked with an explosive device and then with small arms fire.

A subsequent search of the area resulted in the detention of three Iraqis who were found in a nearby mosque.

It was the third attack against U.S. forces in Fallujah during the past two days.

On Sunday, the current interim president of the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council, Iyad Allawi, said the United States should mobilize the old Iraqi army, which was disbanded by the Coalition Provisional Authority, to speed the process of re-securing Iraq.