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Egypt Welcomes Return of Mummy - 2003-10-26

Egypt is welcoming home the mummy believed to be that of the Pharaoh Ramses I, who ruled the ancient land more than 3,000 years ago. His mummy was purchased in 1999 by a museum in Atlanta, Georgia, which has now handed it over to the head of Egypt's antiquities department.

Egypt is celebrating the return of the long-lost mummy that has spent more than a century across the Atlantic.

Egypt's official Nile TV reported the return every hour on the hour, saying the mummy is to be exhibited at Cairo's national museum. Later it will go to a temple at Luxor, in Upper Egypt, where a special wing is being built for it.

Ramses's arrival also made the front pages of most of Egypt's daily newspapers, which reported the mummy was now draped in the red, white and black flag of modern Egypt.

Ramses I is thought to have become pharoah around 1290 BC. His rule lasted only two years, but he founded Egypt's 19th Dynasty that included the more famous Ramses II, who ruled for several decades.