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US Forces Kill at Least 2 Insurgents in Iraq - 2003-11-12

U.S. forces in Iraq have killed at least two insurgents suspected of involvement in attacks on coalition forces in Baghdad.

The U.S. military is calling it "Operation Iron Hammer" and its targets are the insurgents in Baghdad attacking coalition troops.

So far, there have been two strikes. In the first, ground forces, backed by an attack helicopter, chased a vehicle suspected of launching mortar attacks against coalition sites.

The helicopter attacked the vehicle, killing two and wounding three others. Five individuals were captured.

In the second strike, an AC-130 flying gunship destroyed an abandoned warehouse insurgents were suspected of using to plan and carry out attacks on coalition forces. The military says there are no reports of any suspects being in the vicinity of the building when it was attacked.

The military says "Operation Iron Hammer" is continuing.