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Iran Resists Pressure to Suspend Uranium Enrichment Program - 2003-11-19

Iran's Supreme National Security Council chief, Hassan Rohani, says his country will not accept a legal obligation to suspend its uranium-enrichment program. The security chief says Tehran will act only voluntarily.

Mr. Rohani spoke a day before the International Atomic Energy Agency is to meet to discuss Iran's nuclear program. France, Britain, and Germany have circulated a draft resolution for the meeting of IAEA directors.

The official Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted Mr. Rohani as saying, "Any sentence in the resolution that turns our voluntary suspension into a legal commitment will be unacceptable for us."

Under strong international pressure over what it says is its "peaceful nuclear program," Iran last week provided the IAEA with detailed information about its nuclear activities, agreed to closer inspections of its nuclear facilities, and suspended its uranium enrichment activities, which could be used to make nuclear-bomb material.

Iran has stressed that the suspension of uranium enrichment was only a voluntary and temporary step to resolve the international concerns over its nuclear program.