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Saudi Security Forces Kill Wanted Terror Suspect - 2003-12-08

Saudi Security forces Monday were involved in a shootout with one of the country's most wanted terrorist suspects. A citizen's tip led authorities to the suspect's hideout.

Monday's shooting in the Saudi capital Riyadh came just one day after the Saudi government posted the names and photographs of its 26 most wanted terrorist suspects and began offering large cash rewards for information leading to their arrests.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said a tip from a citizen led authorities Monday to one of the wanted suspects. The ministry said the suspect opened fire on security forces who then shot and killed the suspect.

Authorities said a hand grenade, other weapons and false identification papers were discovered in the suspect's hideout in the Saudi capital.

Sunday, the Saudi government began offering cash rewards of up to almost $2 million for information leading to the arrest of wanted terrorists, or information that helps prevent terrorist attacks.

The Saudi government launched a crackdown on militants following three deadly suicide car bombings at housing complexes in Riyadh last May.

Last month, 17 people were killed in the capital following a suicide car bombing at a residential housing complex.