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White House Hails Musharraf's Commitment to Fight Terrorism - 2003-12-26

The White House says the recent assassination attempts on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf show there can be no let up in the war on terrorism. There have been two attempts on Mr. Musharraf's life in less than two weeks.

The latest attempt came Thursday, when attackers tried to bomb President Musharraf's motorcade. He was not hurt, but 15 people were killed and dozens wounded.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan says it is a reminder that the war on terrorism continues. Speaking to reporters accompanying President Bush to his Texas ranch, he stressed that the United States supports the Pakistani leader.

Mr. McClellan said President Musharraf has been a strong partner in the global war on terrorism. He said the United States will continue to work with him.

Pakistan has declared a national day of thanksgiving following Thursday's failed assassination attempt. An investigation is under way into the bloody incident, with officials focusing on the motives of the two suicide bombers responsible for the attack.