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Aid Workers Try to Help Homeless Earthquake Survivors in Bam

Freezing temperatures and high winds swept through the devastated Iranian city of Bam Wednesday as aid workers attempt to provide shelter and food for the thousands of survivors of Friday's deadly earthquake.

Thousands of aid workers are trying to help survivors find shelter, food, clothing and medicine in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people in the ancient city of Bam.

With hope of finding any remaining survivors all but gone, aid workers are now turning their attention to the thousands of people made homeless by the quake.

Survivors have been huddling in tents and in front of fires trying to stay warm as nighttime temperatures dip below freezing.

On Wednesday, residents of the shattered city woke up to howling winds that kicked up clouds of dust from the rubble of the flattened city.

While Iranian newspapers Wednesday reported stories of as many as five people, including a baby and young girl, being found alive in the rubble, many rescue teams have given up hope of finding more survivors and are returning home.

Iranian state radio has reported that 30,000 corpses have been recovered and buried. Iranian President Mohammad Khatami estimated the death toll would reach 40,000.

A team of 80 American medical specialists, including surgeons, nurses and paramedics, has set up a field hospital in the center of the Bam. They are the first official U.S. representatives to enter Iran in more than 20 years after Washington broke diplomatic relations with Tehran following the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Iran's state-run news agency IRNA says 40 countries have flown emergency aid and equipment to Iran and have provided about 1,700 rescue workers.