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Another Quake Survivor Found in Bam - 2004-01-08

In what one doctor called a miracle, a man has been found alive in the rubble of a house destroyed in last month's earthquake in the Iranian city of Bam.

Doctors in Iran are working to save the life of a man who was pulled alive Wednesday from rubble left in the aftermath of the December 26 earthquake that killed an estimated 30,000 people in southeastern Iran.

The 57-year-old man identified himself as Jalil before slipping into coma minutes after rescuers pulled him from the rubble of his sister's house.

A senior physician at the hospital where the man was taken was quoted as saying the victim apparently had access to water, but no food.

The doctor called the man's survival a miracle, saying it was difficult to explain from a scientific point of view.

The man had arrived in Bam from a nearby town the day before the earthquake to seek medical treatment, and had spent the night at his sister's house. The next morning the house was flattened by the earthquake that destroyed most of the city.