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Terrorism Undermines Peace Efforts, Says Zambian President - 2004-01-16

Zambia’s President Levy Mwanawasa says terrorism is undermining international peace efforts. The Zambian leader made the remarks at the official opening of parliament in Lusaka.

President Mwanawasa says terrorism is costing thousands of lives across the globe. He says it needs to be fought with determination and vigor.

"It is our sincere hope that the sponsors and perpetrators of this retrogressive vice will one day be made to answer for their crimes."

The Zambian leader says his government is concerned about continuing conflict in the Middle East and Iraq.

He says he hopes the US road map for peace could be respected so that conflict may be replaced with peace.

"We wish to call upon the quartet of the United States of America, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union to prevail upon the parties to the Arab/Israeli conflict to commit themselves to the negotiation option offered by the peace plan."

Mr. Mwanawasa has also called upon the international community to do their part in addressing the security situation in Iraq.

The President’s remarks on terrorism and conflicts around the world come at a time Zambian security and postal workers have just concluded a weeklong workshop on antiterrorism.

The U-S Diplomatic Security Service Antiterrorism Assistance Program sponsored the workshop.

150 delegates took part in the workshop that looked at Weapons of Mass Destruction and what motivates terrorists to do what they do.

The workshop was intended to equip Zambian emergency workers with knowledge regarding the various terrorist weapons.

Even if Zambia has never been a victim of a terrorist attack similar to 9/11, the organizers of the workshop said, “these days, you never know where, who, or what the terrorists may strike”.