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Swedish Officials to Ask Israeli Ambassador to Explain Bizarre Behavior at Museum - 2004-01-17


Swedish officials are to meet early next week with Israel's ambassador to Sweden over an incident at a Stockholm museum.

The Swedish government says it wants to know why Ambassador Zvi Mazel on Friday threw a spotlight into a display that contained a picture of a suicide bomber.

Ambassador Mazel is quoted as saying the piece, was an "obscene distortion of reality."

The piece, titled Snow White and the Madness of Truth, had a ship in a pool of red liquid with a picture of the suicide bomber that killed 21 people in the Israeli city of Haifa in October.

The display, by an Israeli-born artist, is at the Museum of National Antiquities and part of an international conference on preventing genocide. The artist said the piece is meant to show how weak people left alone can be capable of horrible things.