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Doctors Without Borders Warns Of Humanitarian Catastrophe In Darfur, Sudan - 2004-01-20

Doctors Without Borders says a humanitarian catastrophe is waiting to happen across the border in the Darfur region of western Sudan. This after Sudanese authorities closed camps last week near the city of Nyala in an attempt to forcibly transfer displaced persons to other camps.

The group has been operating in the region since December last year near the populations displaced by fighting. Dr. Mercedes Tatay is the Deputy Director of Doctors Without Border’s emergency program. She told English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara that the forcible relocation of displaced people by the government in the region is making it difficult for any humanitarian activity to take place.

In fact she says Doctors without Borders has moved its operations away from Nyala, because as she puts it, “it is no longer safe” for the group to work there.

Dr. Tatay says Doctors without Borders and other aid agencies are appealing to the warring parties to allow humanitarian workers to provide assistance to hundreds of thousands displaced people caught up in the fighting.

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