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Highlights of the Democratic Party's Response to President Bush's 2004 State of the Union Address - 2004-01-21

The following are highlights of the Democratic Party's response to President Bush's 2004 State of the Union address

U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the president's foreign policy.

- She said President Bush has pursued a "go at it alone" foreign policy that leaves the United States isolated abroad. She said he led the country into the Iraq war "on the basis of unproven assertions without evidence" and failed to build a true international coalition.

- She called on the president to forge agreements and coalitions so the United States can address global challenges before they threaten world security.

- She urged the United States to remain focused on the "clear and present danger" of terrorism and she accused the Bush administration of failing to meet the challenge of protecting America.

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle criticized the president's domestic policies.

- He called for the creation of what he called an "opportunity society" that allows all Americans to succeed. He said such a society has good jobs, solid education and affordable health care.

- He proposed tax cuts and policies that will strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector and create good jobs at home.

- He said the Bush administration has not kept its promise of providing U.S. schools with the resources to meet new educational standards.

- He called on the Bush administration to do more to lower prescription drug costs and allow more affordable drugs from Canada.

- He said the U.S. pension system needs to be strengthened and the Social Security made more secure, in his words, a "guarantee, not a gamble."