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Monday Attacks Kill 3 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis - 2004-01-27

An explosion in the central Iraqi town of Khaldiya, apparently caused by a roadside bomb, has killed three American soldiers and one Iraqi civilian. The Khalidya bombing occurred shortly after midday. U.S. military officials described it as a large explosion.

Reports from the scene say a bomb detonated next to a passing U.S. military convoy. Some witnesses also spoke of a second explosion as military reinforcements arrived at the scene.

Several hours later bomb demolition experts were sent in to defuse a car bomb found near one of the gates of the heavily guarded coalition headquarters in Baghdad. The gate is close to the offices of the Iraqi Governing Council and not far from a convention center where the U.S.-led coalition holds routine media briefings.

Elsewhere, two local employees of the Cable News Network (CNN) were killed. A driver and a producer were killed when gunmen opened fire on their convoy as it was returning to Baghdad from a reporting trip south of the capital.