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Saudi Security Forces Raid 2 Terrorist Hideouts - 2004-01-31

Saudi Arabian forces say they have raided two terrorist hideouts in Riyadh where militants may have been planning a terrorist attack.

According to a statement from the interior ministry that was read on Saudi television Friday, Saudi security forces were on the trail of a group that was "preparing for a terrorist act," and they have arrested seven members of a suspected Islamist militant cell.

Saudi agents have also seized a cache of weapons during the raids on two locations in Riyadh, including a car rigged with explosives, rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, booby-trapped mobile phones, and explosive belts.

On Thursday, six Saudi security agents and the father of a suspected terrorist were killed during a raid in eastern Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has rounded up hundreds of suspected militants since a series of suicide bombings in Riyadh killed more than 50 people last year. They have also tightened security measures in an effort to protect the more than one million Muslims who are currently participating in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.