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High Commissioner For Refugees Visits Chad - 2004-03-02

High Commissioner for Refugees, Ruud Lubbers, has arrived in eastern Chad where 110-thousand Sudanese refugees are seeking safe haven. The Sudanese have fled the Darfur region where government troops are battling rebels. Jennifer Clark is a spokesperson for the UNHCR.

From Geneva, she spoke to English to Africa Reporter Joe De Capua about the reasons for Mr. Lubbers visit. She says Mr. Lubbers will visit the Farchana camp Tuesday. The camp contains about 2,000 refugees so far. Tomorrow, Wednesday, he’ll visit the Touloum camp, which contains about 4,000 people. It’s located farther to the north of the Farchana camp.

Lack of water remains a major problem, and crews with drilling equipment are trying to locate adequate supplies. In the meantime, Ms. Clarke says the emergency airlifts from Pakistan and Tanzania continue. Since mid-February, more than 500 tons of aid have arrived.

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