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Bush: 'We Will Defeat the Terrorists' in Iraq - 2004-03-06

President Bush is vowing that coalition forces, along with the people of Iraq, will defeat the terrorists trying to plunge the country into "chaos and violence."

Mr. Bush said in his weekly Saturday radio address that America will stand with Iraqis "as long as necessary" to build a stable and peaceful democracy. President Bush singled out a terrorist known as Zarqawi, saying his plan to tear Iraq apart with ethnic violence will fail.

He also said the American people were filled with grief and anger after the terror attacks earlier this week on religious sites in Baghdad and Karbala that killed at least 170 people.

Mr. Bush stressed that Iraqis are making "excellent progress" toward completing a framework for an interim constitution. He said once the new law takes effect, Iraqis will have legal rights not granted them in decades.

President Bush said although difficulties remain, Iraqi people have shown they are fully capable of living in freedom.