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US Marines Involved in 2nd Shooting Incident in Haiti

U.S. Marines in Haiti have been involved in a second shooting incident. Marines guarding the main airport in Haiti shot and killed a man they say was speeding toward them late Monday night.

A spokesman for the Marines in Haiti quoted by The Associated Press says U.S. Marines guarding a checkpoint near the Port-au-Prince airport opened fire on a speeding vehicle late Monday evening. One man was killed and another wounded. Reports from the scene say the man killed was a taxi driver.

It was the second time in two days that U.S. Marines had been involved in a fatal shooting.

On Sunday, U.S. Marines guarding the National Palace killed a man they say shot at them during a chaotic demonstration, when suspected militants loyal to former President Jean Bertrand Aristide attacked a crowd outside the palace. Six people, including a Spanish television journalist were killed in that unrest, and more than 30 others injured.

The checkpoint where Monday's shooting occurred is between the airport and an industrial park, where there has been massive looting over the past two days. The main road to the airport was blocked on Tuesday by suspected pro-Aristide militants, who set up burning barricades and continued looting businesses in the area.