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Bush Appeals for Continued Unity in International Anti-Terror Effort - 2004-03-18

President Bush says international efforts to fight terrorism must remain united following last week's attacks in Madrid. Spain's new leader is threatening to pull his troops out of Iraq unless they are placed under U.N. control. The Bush administration says Iraq is the central front in fighting terrorism.

President Bush says the Madrid attacks once again reveal the nature of terrorists who he says hate and target every country that stands for democracy and tolerance.

"They kill the innocent. They kill children and their mothers on a commuter train without conscience, without mercy.," the president said.

Mr. Bush told U.S. troops in the southern state of Kentucky that terrorists rejoice in suffering and will never be appeased, because he says death is their banner and their cause.

"There is no safety for any nation in a world that lives at the mercy of gangsters and mass-murderers," he said. "Eventually, there is no place to hide from the planted bombs or the far-worse weapons that terrorists seek."

Spain's new leader says support for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq made the country a target for terrorist attack.

Mr. Bush says there is only one path to safety for the civilized world - staying united and fighting until he says the enemy is broken.