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2 Iraqis Killed in Baghdad Rocket Attack - 2004-03-21


American soldiers and Iraqi civilians were barraged by rockets on Sunday that killed at least two Iraqis and wounded a U.S. soldier.

The rocket attacks occurred in broad daylight and were apparently targeted at the main U.S. headquarters in Baghdad, located in what is known as the Green Zone.

Two rockets exploded outside of the Green Zone, killing at least two Iraqi civilians and wounding several others, including an American soldier.

One of the rockets landed inside the heavily guarded compound hitting a military rest and recreation area.

Also Sunday, a bomb exploded at an Iraqi police station north of Baghdad. At least one policeman was killed and two others were wounded. And a roadside bomb exploded near a U.S. convoy in the northern city of Mosul, injuring a municipal worker.

Late Saturday, a rocket attack killed two American soldiers and wounded seven others in Fallujah, west of Baghdad. Authorities said five rockets were fired and three of them hit a coalition base near Fallujah.

The latest round of attacks follows worldwide protests against the war in Iraq and as U.S. officials prepare to hand power over to the Iraqis June 30.

Military officials have been warning there will be increased attacks by pro-Saddam loyalists and militants from outside of the country, who they say do not want democracy for Iraq.