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UN Inspectors to Determine Whether Iran Stopped Uranium Enrichment Program - 2004-04-12


A team of international nuclear inspectors is in Iran attempting to determine if Tehran has made good on its promise to stop its uranium enrichment program.

The five U.N. inspectors arrived in Tehran to begin the process of trying to confirm whether Iran, among other things, has stopped the construction of centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

A senior official with Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, Mohammad Saeedi, said the inspectors would be engaged in inspections and discussions aimed at dealing with remaining issues of concern to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Among those concerns is the assembly of the centrifuges.

On March 29, Tehran said it had stopped building the centrifuges. But when IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei visited Tehran last week, Iranian officials said they would stop building the centrifuges on Friday.

Other nations, including the United States, have accused Iran of trying to conceal a nuclear weapons program. Iran has insisted its atomic program is only for the peaceful production of electricity.