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Country Newcomer Blaine Larsen Stays True to Tradition - 2004-07-01


Country music labels are signing a growing number of traditional-sounding artists to their rosters. The multi-million-selling success of superstars like Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Toby Keith has shown Nashville record companies what their customers want. In turn, that has opened doors for many newcomers.

Blaine Larsen has been described as "a teenage boy with the voice of a 30-year-old and the wisdom of a 50-year-old." Born and raised in Buckley, Washington, the 18-year-old Country newcomer is a 2004 high school graduate. His first hit, In My High School, is a song that deals with his own experiences, but also those of students at many schools throughout the country.

Blaine's musical influences include Country superstars George Strait, Alan Jackson and Vince Gill. He also lists Frank Sinatra among his favorite singers. Blaine started singing at age 10, began to play the guitar at 13, and a year later, wrote his first song. He co-wrote six of the 10 tracks on his debut album.

Blaine's record company is proud to point out that he's the first teenage traditional male artist to hit Country radio. He plans to stay true to Country music's roots and also his family roots. Although he has a promising career in Country music, Blaine will continue to live in Washington state. And, he says he won't trade his Seattle Mariner's baseball cap and sneakers for cowboy hats and boots.

Blaine's upcoming plans include promoting his new album with appearances at U.S. radio stations. He's also scheduled to perform several West Coast concerts.